Is It Safe To Travel Yet?

Is it safe to travel again? Will I get infected with Covid-19? How do I keep track of changing international travel restrictions? The Coronavirus has managed to engulf an entire planet, leaving us defenseless, stuck inside our homes. However, not all of us can be as patient when asked to sit still and need to embark on adventurous travels or the average lounging about vacation.

Corona’s Effects on Travel:

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has sparked fear in each and every individual. Producers and consumers have had to deal with unrecoupable losses. One of the sectors that has had to endure the most losses is the travel sector — mainly attributing to the aviation sector — boasting an alarming $1.3 trillion in losses. Not only have they lost short-term travelers but in some cases, even lost future travelers who find themselves far too scared to travel in the immediate future.

A study conducted in the US in 2020 demonstrated that a staggering 44% of the sample population would not fly even 2 months after travel restrictions are loosened.

Similarly, in Mainland China, an even larger survey of 1208 people was conducted, in which similar results were obtained and led researchers to believe that a ‘travel fear’ was at play, in which individuals are reluctant to travel or implement stringent precautionary measures while traveling in the pandemic.

How To Control Travel Fear:

Before ‘Travel Fear’ took the center stage, there was a phenomenon identified as ‘Travel Anxiety’. Travel Anxiety consisted of fretting over forgotten items or worrying about the ease of your journey. However, traveling during a pandemic renders these worries and futile, leaving you far more concerned about your health and the health of others around you.

All forms of travel ranging from foreign to domestic, are highly discouraged at the present moment. Travel Fear will undoubtedly hold people back but for some people traveling continues to be inescapable, either in personal emergencies or due to the nature of their profession. There are ways to control the extent of fear and panic that can unsettle weary Covid travelers.

How to travel safer:

1) Is it safe to travel by aeroplane? This was one of the most searched terms on Google in 2020, and is a clear indicator of how unclear and worried the general population currently is.

2) In order to ease your worries, you can rely on trusted sources such as: The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC), these can further inform you about how safe traveling is at the moment, and clarify any doubts.

3) Be wary of international travel restrictions and check up on the restrictions implemented in the country or city you are traveling to. If you fail to comply with rules and violate any guidelines, you can easily find yourself in more trouble than u were looking for.

4) Do not forget to comply with the usual rules set in place, regardless of wherever you are: wear a mask at ALL times, especially during travel. Maintain a distance of at least SIX feet with any and all passengers accompanying you. Avoid contact with objects, do NOT touch your hands, nose, and ears, and remember to sanitise your hands regularly a=or wash them at the nearest convenient location.

There is no assurance as to when the pandemic will finally settle down and dissipate, however, with constant care and a strict following of the aforementioned rules we can help to play our part. Travel, whether for leisure or out of necessity, is greatly reduced with more and more people opting to stay safe inside of their homes.

Travelling poses doubts and a higher risk of contracting the virus, but the aviation sector is making losses in the sums of billions every day that it remains neglected. It is difficult to weigh the pros and cons in a situation like this. The Corona Virus pandemic has certainly left us with more questions than answers so far.